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At Frontier Land Wildlife Management we offer several products that can add to any property wildlife management program. Adding some of these items to your property can not only increase the health of the wildlife there and increase your viewing opportunities but in the proper amounts may qualify your property in wildlife management property tax valuation.

If you are interested in any of our products please send us a message on our contact page. We will get you set up with what you need.  

Wildlife Watering System


Our self contained wildlife watering systems are designed and built with the highest quality materials and workmanship. They are designed to be a fully self contained unit that should need minimal maintenance. Click here for more photos and information.

Nest Boxes:
Eastern Bluebird Nest Box


Our nest boxes are made out of high quality dried cedar planks. Put together with high quality wood screws to create a very strong long lasting box. They have a side opening panel which allows for easier access to clean out the box. A requirement if used to qualify for wildlife management property tax.

American Wood Duck Nest Box


Our American Wood Duck nest boxes are also made out of solid dried cedar wood and constructed with high quality wood screws and hardware. They include wire mesh on the front panel to assist ducklings in getting out of the box. The whole front panel is hinged to allow access to the box. This allows easy access to the whole box for cleaning and adding of nesting material. Eastern Screech Owls also frequently use these boxes.